Market Analysis for NE Tallahassee Jan-Aug, 2019


Number of total listed single family houses in NE starts with 414 in January, peaks in May with 639, and decreases to 486 in August.

Number of sold single family homes in NE peaks in June and July, and starts going down from August. 194 houses were sold in Jan, 376 and 376 homes were sold in June and July. 

# of total listed homes vs # of sold homes (Single Family Homes in NE)

The highest average list price of sold homes is $339,491.00 in June. In January, the average list price is $328,103.00, keeps increasing until June, and starts decreasing since July. The average list price in mid August is $317,204.00.

Average sale price tends to be slightly lower than the list price. Average sale price of sold homes in June is $335,200.00.

Average list price of sold homes vs average sale price of sold home

Overall, the sale of homes occurs the most in summer, and a lot of sellers tend to put their homes in the market in May.

Statistic resources are from Tallahassee Board of Realtors.

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